Peripera Fashion People’s Box Ink Lip Pencil Review + Swatches

by - 11:12 AM

P1,045.71/$20.49 (per can with 8 colors)
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Product Description: Peripera is a Korean Beauty Brand that delivers beauty products to make every women's heart flatter. They released Peripera Fashion People’s Box Ink Lip Pencil that has 8 shades to mix and match to create two tones or even gradient lip look. 

Lip Pencil 1 (Nude Shade)

Lip Pencil 2 (Orange Shade)

Lip Pencil 3 (Orange - Red Shade)

Lip Pencil 4 (Barbie Pink Shade)

Review: This is more convenient to use than the matte lipstick ones since you can easily remove and apply it anywhere you go because this is just a small lip pencil that you can bring to night outs, parties and even travel getaways. Personally I love the #7 Lip Pencil that has a Mauve shade that is really perfect for everyday look especially if you still go to school. While on night parties, I highly suggested to use the # 6 shade to give yourself a sexy outcome look.

Lip Pencil 5 (Red Shade)

Lip Pencil 6 (Medium Red Shade)

Lip Pencil 7 (Mauve Shade)

Lip Pencil 8 (Violet Shade)

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